Fall Fishing and Cooler Days.
WHEW!!!!......What a summer!!!  Thank you to everyone that fished with us this year at Tradition Fishing Charters.  We had alot of new faces and some repeat clients. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to each and every one of yall!!! Even though the busiest part of 2017 is over, were about to enter some of the best days of the year.  Not only is the weather good in the fall, but so is the fishing. The Flounder will start to move out for there annual spawning migration.  We target them normally with artificials which is fun and challenging. Also the Big Redfish will be showing up in good numbers sometime between the middle of October and the beginning of November.  If you never experienced the "Running of the Bulls" your missing out!!!! Huge schools of BIG BULL REDFISH storm our bays and beaches and are super fun on light tackle.  This is run and gun sight fishing at  its finest.  Also the first two weekends of October we will be able to keep Triggerfish.  If you've never caught and eaten Triggerfish your in for a treat!!!  These fish pull hard and are my personal favorite fish to eat!!!  Well thats all I have for now.  The whole crew at Tradition Charters is looking forward to a productive fall!!! 
Until Next Time.
Capt Miles

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