How to Catch a Sheepshead

Fishing for Sheepshead

About the time of year everybody goes on spring break, so do the sheepshead. Typically middle of March though the end of April they gather in large numbers in the passes along the Gulf Coast.  This can be some of the most fun fishing of the year.  Fast action, hard pulling and tasty on the dinner plate.
I like to fish with your typical carolina rig.  One to two ounces of lead depending on the current, a two foot section of 20 lb flourocarbon and either a #1 J hook or a 1/0-2/0 circle hook.  The preferred bait of choice is live shrimp or fresh dead can work just as well when they're really chewing!!!  
Please remember even though these fish are tasty and seem plentiful, they are congregated to spawn this time of year.  So please just keep a few for the dinner table and release the rest for future generations of fish and families. Look forward to seeing you on the water. 

Until Next Time,
Capt Miles

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